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Swallow Singalong

xiǎo yàn zi gē chàng bān


Sing in Mandarin Chinese with your child! Our popular Mandarin music class - the Swallow Singalong program - is an easy, fun and wonderful introduction to the Mandarin Chinese language. Children become familiar with the nuances and intonations of the language through the sounds of the lyrics and participate by singing along with the teacher and engaging in activities that inspire creativity. Our original musical curriculum, taught completely in Mandarin Chinese, includes puppet play, pretend play, storytelling, conversations, games that encourage fine and gross motor skills and classic Chinese and popular nursery rhymes from around the world, all sung in Mandarin Chinese. While we sing and play, we will explore such topics as colors, numbers, shapes, seasons, greetings and animals among many others to immerse the children fully in the Mandarin language and culture.


Caretakers are required to stay with their children for the duration of the class. Background in Mandarin Chinese is not required. 

*We also offer our Swallow Singalong program as private pods attended by your invited guests only. Please email your desired time, dates and location to, and we will send you a direct link to register.

Age Group: Birth - 18 months of age

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