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Pop-up Concert in the Park

gōng  yuán  yīn  yuè  huì 


Our pop-up concerts in the park are mesmerizing live guitar performances that are bound to be an unforgettable, immersive and entertaining family experience. Featuring an original line up of beloved childhood nursery rhymes and catchy tunes, children will embark on a musical journey to explore the wonders of classic Mandarin children’s songs and sing their hearts out led by our talented guitarist.


Snacks will be provided and props including shakers, scarves and ribbons will also be provided for children to play and dance with the music. A single ticket covers the entire family so we invite the whole family from siblings of all ages, grandparents to four-legged friends to join us!


*We also offer our pop-up concerts as private events attended by your invited guests only. If you would like to host a concert, please email us your desired time, date and predetermined location to, and we will send you a direct link to register.


Age Group: For All 

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