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Quality Mandarin-Speaking Nannies

Children who aspire to become fluent in Mandarin should aim for at least 20 hours of language exposure per week. Over the years, we have received many requests from parents asking us to connect them to Mandarin-speaking nannies who can communicate to the children in Mandarin and help establish that critical immersive environment at home. Through open recruitment and personal connections, we have since built a selective network of highly experienced Mandarin-speaking candidates who are deeply passionate about child development and share our personalized approach to early childhood education.


We offer placement service for full-time and part-time nannies as well as confinement nannies who provide care to both newborn babies and postpartum mothers. Our placement process starts with an application that helps you determine your family’s individual needs. We will then match the candidates based on your requirements, provide you with their profiles and schedule calls and interviews with the candidates whom you are interested in. Once you have made your final selection, our concierge-level service will walk you through the offer letter and work agreement to ensure that the most suitable nanny is placed in your home. 


We carry out extensive reference checks for all of our candidates and work closely with our partners in background security to verify criminal records, driving records and other miscellaneous court records, so you can be rest assured that you will be hiring a quality nanny who not only speaks perfect Mandarin but also has the skills, experiences and professionalism to match. Some of our nannies even have impressive talents such as cooking elaborate Chinese dishes and singing the Beijing Opera!


If you are interested in finding the best Mandarin-speaking nanny for your home, please fill out the application so we can better understand your preferences.


Mandarin Tots charges an engagement fee of $250 to initiate search and a one-time placement fee of 15% of nanny’s gross annual salary upon hiring.

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