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Panda Playdate

xiǎo xióng māo yòu ér bān


An innovative curriculum that inspires young minds to explore, discover and connect through language in a full Mandarin immersion environment. Class emphasizes on building everyday conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese through a wide variety of hands-on and movement activities such as sorting, matching, stacking, building, painting as well as participating in our favorite traditional Chinese childhood games and practicing basic wushu forms that support the children's physical wellness, develop their personal interests and encourage the children to express themselves.  


Caretakers are required to stay with their children for the duration of the class. Background in Mandarin Chinese is not required. 

*We also offer our Panda Playdate program as private pods attended by your invited guests only. Please email your desired time, dates and location to, and we will send you a direct link to register.

Age Group: 18 months - 2.5 years of age

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