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Celebrate with Mandarin Tots

Our children inherit our cultural festivals, traditions and rituals to build long-lasting memories and connections to their roots that give them a strong sense of identity and belonging. At Mandarin Tots, we offer themed birthday party and event programs to preserve children’s Chinese cultural heritage and create a fun and memorable experience for both kids and grown-ups alike.


Our popular celebration programs include cultural performances such as Chinese folk dances and lion dances, Shaolin kung fu, Beijing opera and regional operas, drumming, instrumental solos featuring dizi, pipa or guzheng, and many others. Children will also get to participate in a variety of hands-on activities and learn the skills from the performers dressed in themed costumes themselves.


Whether it's a birthday party or special event, all of our celebration programs are fully customizable and we offer flexibility in the duration, type of programs and number of performers needed, be it a single performer to surprise the child or a group of performers to get the party started.


So come celebrate with us, all year long!

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