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Golden Monkey Summer Camp

jīn sī hóu xià lìng yíng


At Mandarin Tots, we believe in the importance of introducing children to the traditional rich cultures of China in the most fun and relatable ways and keeping these cultures alive in the hearts of our children who are growing up so fast in this modern world. It is in this spirit our Golden Monkey Summer Camp was created.


Each week, we learn about a specific aspect of China’s unique cultures through the exploration of language, literature, art, and crafts. We also learn to recite a famous poem from the Tang Dynasty every single day. Our little golden monkeys will not only become the most studious scholars but also run wild and happy playing our favorite Chinese traditional children’s outdoor games such as Chinese Yo-Yo, jump rope, shuttlecock, eagle catch chicks, hide the handkerchief and even ping pong all while learning Mandarin without even realizing it!

Our Summer Camp 2024 runs from July 8th through August 23rd in both Centra Park and Prospect Park. You can register by the week and daily camp hours are 9am-12pm. Cost is $450 per week. If you're interested in registering, please fill out the application.

Summer Camp 2024: July 8th through August 23rd

Central Park and Prospect Park


Week 1 | July 8th - July 12th | 火树银花·节日 Holidays


Join us as we kick off the summer celebrating all major traditional Chinese holidays in one week!


Week 2 | July 15th - July 19th | 美轮美奂·瓷器 Porcelain


We will find ourselves in the city of Jingdezhen to explore the diverse range of patterns, colors and shapes of Chinese porcelain.


Week 3 | July 22nd - July 26th | 行云流水·书法 Calligraphy


Let’s practice some strokes and express our inner spirit through this exquisite form of art.


Week 4 | July 29th - August 2nd | 五味俱全·美食 Cuisine


It’s time to dive into all the different regional cuisines to understand the profound influence Chinese cuisine has had on the rest of the world.


Week 5 | August 5th - August 9th | 龙腾虎跃·生肖 Zodiac


No matter which year you were born, we will celebrate everyone’s unique personality and learn the history behind the signs.


Week 6 | August 12th - August 16th | 秒笔丹清·水墨画 Ink Wash Painting


How can something so monochrome convey so much depth? Let’s see if we can capture the beauty around us and express our creative selves using only shades of black.


Week 7 | August 19th - August 23rd | 亭台楼阁·建筑 Architecture


From temples to arch bridges, we will marvel at the elegance, beauty and wisdom behind ancient Chinese architecture.


Join us for a summer full of magic, wonder, and awe!

*We also offer our summer camp program as private pods attended by your invited guests only. Please email your desired time, dates and location to, and we will send you a direct link to register.

Age Group: 3.5 - 7 years of age

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