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Online Program

Busy Bees Online

xiǎo mì fēng wǎng kè


Mandarin Tots works with local qualified educators with years of experiences teaching Mandarin to young children. Our online classes are individualized and tailored to the children’s own levels and interests. We emphasize on participation, collaboration and community building where children become active learners and an integral part of the teaching-learning experience. Designed specifically for the younger crowd, our Busy Bees online program is extremely engaging and interactive, always buzzing with fun games and activities.


We understand the difficulty of finding exceptional Mandarin teachers who also work well with young children, especially in an online setting. The quality of our online Mandarin program is unparalleled as we only work with local professional, credentialed educators based in the U.S. who have taught regionally and are able to communicate well in English. Our online educators share the same values of individualization, interaction, and creative expression Mandarin Tots is known for and are instrumental in helping bring our signature programs to those around the world.


Please inquire and email us at to join our online program.

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