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Why Language Immersion?

Citizens of the World

Did you know that babies are not born with the capacity to speak one specific language but the capacity to speak any language? It is a known fact that children can learn a language at an astonishingly early age. At birth, your baby can distinguish between the sounds of every language that has ever been invented. The earlier the child is exposed to a new language, the easier it will be for the young brain to absorb and learn the language in a natural way. It is safe to say that children are truly citizens of the world!


Proven Cognitive Benefits

Neuroscientists and linguists all agree that language immersion is the single most effective method for learning a new language. In a language immersion environment, children play, interact and communicate completely in the target foreign language and it becomes second-nature for them to know how to speak, read and write in dual languages. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to a foreign language in the early childhood years develop more creative minds and stronger critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. They are more likely to be admitted into elite programs at school age and exhibit significantly higher emotional intelligence and greater academic achievement than peers of the same age group. 

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