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Why Us?

Personalized Learning

Considered to be the toughest language to master in the world, Mandarin is known for both of its complexity and the beauty of its tones and characters. At Mandarin Tots, we provide a highly personalized approach to early childhood language education. We have developed a unique multi-sensory curriculum that utilizes visual, verbal and tactile stimulation so that children can stay engaged and learn the language on multiple levels. All of our educators are native Mandarin Chinese speakers with a strong academic background in early childhood education and a deep understanding of the Mandarin language and culture. Children not only learn to speak the language through personalized, meaningful and child-centered conversations but also acquire a deep appreciation of the classics through poetry and folk songs that foster a natural, diverse and positive Mandarin immersion experience. We believe that children learn best when they take an active role in their learning. Guided by their curiosity and a natural sense of wonder, the children are always encouraged to explore and develop a creative expression and natural fluency.


We Give

Since the day we started Mandarin Tots, we have always been passionate about what we do. We place a great emphasis on community both in the classroom and the wider world in which we are all part of. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, no matter what socioeconomic background they were born into. That is why for every class you enroll, we will donate a portion of the tuition proceeds to school meal programs around the world. We have established partnerships with humanitarian agencies to ensure the proceeds directly benefit the children in need. With your help, our goal is to break the cycle of poverty children were born into by making sure they have enough nutritious food to eat and energy to thrive in the classroom. Learning a new language has never felt this good!

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